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Thank God It's Friday

The TGInF (Thank God It's nearly Friday) Home Group meets on a Thursday, approximately once a fortnight, between 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm.  We meet either at the home of one of our members or in the Parish Room and there are currently eleven of us in the group.  Our aim is to meet for prayer, bible study and fellowship and so encourage each other in our journey with the Lord.

We have enjoyed following a variety of bible study series including 'Great Prayers of the Bible', 'Rebels Guide to the Good News' and 'Parables - The Greatest Stories Ever Told'.  We often finish our evenings by listening to or singing a worship song or two.

We also continue to have social evenings of food, fun and fellowship.

For more information, please contact group leaders, Mark & Sandra Ellis.  Home telephone no. 01502 587697.  E-mail ellisfamily21bc@btinternet.com
Mark mobile no. 07981770747  Sandra mobile no. 07941832308