Letter from Peter and Muriel

To all our friends at St. Peter’s Carlton Coville and St. Andrew’s Mutford.


It has been a great joy for us to be involved with you all through the time of your Interregnum over the past 19 months.

We both feel that you took us into your hearts and made us feel so welcome and it was a real joy to share fellowship with you all.

Muriel is particularly grateful to all who helped ‘look after’ her as part of the congregation, particularly as she had to arrive so early so that Peter had time to prepare for the service.

The past 9 months have be a bit ‘trying’ to say the least, and even when we were able to have a church service it was not the same as when we were all together when things were not so ‘stressed’ by Covid19.

It has been so good to be able to enjoy the ‘fun’ of our worship together throughout the first 10 months of the time – it is something we greatly appreciate being able to ‘enjoy’ our worship together – and we have missed not being able to feel that in the same way in recent months.

We will be praying for you all as you begin a new chapter in the life of the fellowship and we will try to be part of the Zoom service on Sunday.

We pray that God will guide you all together as you move forward in His name to service Him in your parish and neighbourhood.

God bless you all.

Peter and Muriel






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