About our Church

St Peter's has a congregation that varies in age from youngsters under one to those over ninety years; and who are still actively taking part in the various activities.  We aim to be a caring, sharing community that encourages each other and demonstrates the love of God out into the wider population of Carlton Colville and where ever we may roam.

We are a Church of England parish church with an open evangelical tradition with a variety of worship styles.  There are a number of house groups for getting to know our neighbours, pray together and complete Bible studies.  We also have a variety of activity groups that cover the ranges of age groups.

Our History

The first Rector is recorded as William de Weston, appointed in 1326.  It is thought that there had probably been a Saxon Church on the site; as, in those days, such appointments were usually for just such situations.  There have been a total of forty-one subsequent appointments ranging through tenures of just two years up to one of sixty-one years.

One of those with a longer stay as Rector, William Hale Andrews, was reported in some local newspapers, as having had the whole church rebuilt from ground level at his own expense.  The roof is definitely of Victorian vintage as is the pulpit, choir stalls the reredos and also things no longer in view, such as the pews and tessellated tiling on the floor.  However, other evidence would indicate a large but partial reconstruction; the join can be clearly seen on one of the external walls.  You cannot always rely on newspapers to state the whole unembroidered truth.

The building has been more recently modernised with a floor being raised to the height of the outside outside ground level in an effort to allow access for wheelchairs and those with mobility problems.  The pews were found to be, mostly, in poor condition.  So the seating throughout is modern upholstered chairs.  Towards the back of the seating area, youngsters have their own crèche area to share with parents or grandparents.

A more complete history can be found in a locally produced booklet.  Copies are available at the back of the church.

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