Benefice Section 11 Meeting and St Peter's PCC
18th February 2020
Section 11 Meeting
18th February 2020, 7:00pm, St Peter’s Parish Room

1. Appointment of Chair

2. Prayers

3. To approve the Benefice Profile

4. To appoint the nominated Parish Representatives
a. For St Andrew’s: Jill Boon and Sandy Randle
b. For St Peter’s: Bob Filer and Heather Saunders

5. To confirm the decisions of each PCC in relation to any Resolution passed under the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests (concerning the ministry of women priests and bishops).

6. To decide whether to request the patron(s) to consider advertising the vacancy
a. If so, to approve a draft advert
b. If so, to agree financing of advert

7. To decide whether to request a meeting under section 12 of the Measure (dependant on Outcome of 5.)

8. To decide whether to request a statement in writing from the bishop describing in relation to the benefice the needs of the diocese and wider interests of the Church

1. (1.) If there is more than one PCC in benefice, the meeting must agree which of the vice-chairs will take the chair for this meeting. (Occasionally, the Rural Dean is invited to do this).

2. (8.) It is always the practice of in this diocese for the Bishop to write some notes to go alongside the Profile, setting the post in the wider Deanery and Diocesan context.

St Peter’s Church Carlton Colville
PCC Agenda 18th February 2020
1. Apologies and Welcome

2. Reading and Prayer (incl. next reader)

3. Section 11 Meeting

4. Minutes of Previous PCC Meeting (21st January 2020) (Agree, Sign, Date and Display)

5. Matters Arising

6. Correspondence
a. Outgoing
b. Incoming
i) Home for Good
ii) Christian’s Together
iii) Gideon’s
iv) Changes to PCCs

7. Building and Fabric – Bob
a. Cemetery
b. Tower
c. New Vestry/Parish Office furnishings
d. Other

8. Finances (January 2020) – Treasurer

9. Any Other Business (must be notified to Chair at least 24 hours in advance)
a. Date of Next Meetings
i) 24th March (MKE apologies)
ii) 21st April (APCM)


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